Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHINee Does BoA, After School Does 2PM For Chuseok


With all these extravagant events being planned for the biggest Korean holiday of the year, Chuseok, SHINee and After School are to join the festivity.

Those who are completely clueless asking what the heck is going on, Chuseok, equivalent to Thanksgiving, is just around the corner! Due to the scale of its importance to the Korean culture, many broadcasting companies have already arranged a line-up of stellar casting of idols to perform on stage as a celebration.

While some may hop in tears that their favorite idols are back, some may yawn from the fact that they've already seen their fancy stages thousands of times on the television. For those who are yawning, you better get ready to be amazed.

The heartthrobs of all noonas, SHINee recently finished their filming for MBC Chuseok Special "Star Dance Battle Change!". Instead of their typical "Noona's Pretty" or "Juliette", they performed 'Boys On Top', a remake of BoA's 'Girls On Top'. They decided to rewrite the song with lyrics containing their heartbreaking thoughts toward their pitiful position in the music area these days. Yes, it is undeniable that the boy groups are now nearly extinct with the nonstop rising of the girl groups.

credit: dirah9302


The lyric follows: "Nowadays, even girls forces the girl groups~ Are BEG, 4minute, Ka~ra, SNSD the only ones you care about?~" Aw! I guess it's time for our girl fans to rise up again and cheer for these love deprived boys.

Well, here's some good news for the oppas out there.

After School performed on the stage alongside SHINee as well, but they decided to take it to another new step. They resurrected the 2PM's "Again and Again" stage flawlessly. It is reported that they dressed up in boyish stage outfits, reenacting the stage regardless of their gender. The girls' unbelievable talents in break dancing had no trouble surprising the audience as well as the fellow celebrities.
Viewers may feel nostalgic while watching this stage, desperately wishing for our fallen Jaebeom to come back and show the true original. However, it seems like the viewers aren't the only ones wanting for their return. GaHee was seen on this stage with a writing on her arm saying 'THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS'.

Star Dance Battle Change! airs on 4th October through MBC.

Source: allkpop