Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Previews from Star Dance Battle Change!

In celebration of the Chuseok festivities, MBC will be airing "Star Dance Battle Change"! The show will include popular idol groups like SNSD, Super Junior, 2AM, and Kara. What will happen is this: An idol group will change their style completely by adapting the style of a group that totally differs from them.

SNSD and Super Junior swapped places, with SNSD performing Super Junior's hit song "Sorry Sorry", and the male group performing the girl group's latest comeback "Tell Me Your Wish". SNSD also performed "Smooth Criminal" by the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The performance was described as "very mannish" and is to show more charisma and the girl group in a new light.


2AM will be adapting the style of girl group 4 Minute and perform their hit song "Hot Issue". 2AM is said to have exhibited wonderful showmanship after preparing a comedic performance. Near the end of the performance, 2AM member Changmin is said to do the sexy leg stretch with great ease and showed no signs of difficulty. He commented by saying that, "I've decided to never sing ballads ever again."
Girl group Kara who has been winning hearts of many with their sexy butt dance, takes on the style of the motown 60s with the Wonder Girls' hit song "Nobody". Kara received great praise for putting on a wonderful performance despite their recent busy schedule. Also during the free dance section, Kara members Seung Yeon and Nicole busted out their moves with both of them performing to Beyonce. Seung Yeon performed to "Crazy in Love" where as Nicole put on a sexy display of magic to "Single Lady".

This special broadcast will air on the 4th of October through MBC.
Source: allkpop