Friday, October 2, 2009

Top.AZ making their debut

After the release of the teaser for the new (yet another) upcoming 3-member lady group Top.AZ, we got some details for the group!

The teaser which was released on October 1st, is a teaser for their digital single "Sixth Sense", which the title song is called, "Can't you trust Nuna".

Top.AZ's 3 members are Hong Ju, Kim Bom, and Sun Young.

The name Top.AZ has two meanings: 1) being a "Top Artist" from A to Z & 2) shining beautifully in the dark like a topaz.

Hong Ju is said to have majored in vocal, as she has participated in a musical in the past, such as, "Five Course", "Return of High School Yalgae" and "Really, Really Like You". She was also in a musical that was performed in Japan called, "Winter Sonata", which her character was the role Choi Ji Woo had in the drama.

Kim Bom is from the 2001 YeDang Entertainment music festival, and she too, has participated in a musical in the past such as "Rocky Horror Show", "Shout", and "Hae-uh-hwa".

With their not-so-young age, they will show a different and unique feeling in their MV. In their "Can't you trust Nona", they will show fancy hair decorations, medieval corsets, and feather fan and accessories - matching each of their characters.

Top.AZ's related source commented, "This is not a regular girl group, but a lady group. To show the differentiation, we worked hard on our teaser."

MV for "Can't you trust Nona" is set to release online on the 6th.
Source: allkpop