Wednesday, October 7, 2009

T-ara and Supernova Number 1 on Mnet Chart


T-ara and Supernova joined together for a project called TTL (Time to Love). It took a while because the song was released a while ago but it has finally made it to number 1 on Mnet's online chart (and others) for the first week of October.

Last week TTL got up as high as number 2, moving about 10 spots. This week, they beat out Park Hyo Shin's "After Love" and made it to the top spot. Park Hyo Shin has been guarding his number 1 spot for the past two weeks but T-ara and Supernova moved Park aside and captured first place.

The T-ara girls have gone through some makeovers due to their new project with Supernova. Jiyeon cut her hair short or maybe she's wearing a wig, where as Hyomin dyed her hair.20091006_tarasupernova_1

To be completely honest, T-ara and Supernova haven't been receiving the most attention out of all the idol groups these days, so it's great to see them finally garner some. Congratulations on being first on Mnet and many other online charts.

Check out their music video!


Source: allkpop