Thursday, October 1, 2009

Star’s Sketch Dream Chuseok Special Wrap-Up

The KBS Chuseok festival, Star's Sketch Dream that aired today was a knock out show that included big stars such as, F.T.Island, 4minute, Kim Jong Suh, Bada, ChaeYeon, Koyote, Ju Jin, Lee Min Woo, Tin.Tin.Five, Namolla Family, Hong Kyung Min, Go Yoo Jin, T-Max, and more! In total there were 13 teams of singers and the cherry on top was MC's Yuri, Sunny, and Seo Kyung Suk.

It was a pre-recorded show but it didn't fail in looking fresh and entertaining. Two teams would go against each other each round and the last one standing, the MVP, would win a gift card for shopping and Korean BBQ set.

Bada sang a cover of a song done originally by an Australian singer named Kylie Minogue, Chae Yeon sang Uhm Jung Hwa's "Invitation", F.T.Island was missing their frontman Hongki but they didn't disappoint when JaeJin sang "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, 4minute sang Diva's "Why are you calling me?", JunJin and Minwoo teamed up to sing a Michael Jackson classic, "Dangerous", and lastly Kimg Jong Suh sang a song by the famous band Queen.

After performances were completed by each team in a round, they would have to fill in the blanks to questions such as, "To become a star I _________." or "Something that changed about me after I became famous is that _________."

To this question Namolla Family's Kim Jae Woo said that at his audition to become a comedian he lied that his mother had died. He pretended to be doing the auditon for his mother. When asked how his mother passed away he said, "She sold her best cards in Go-Stop(Korean poker)." Then the judges told him that that kind of jokes were already done by Park Mi Sun.

I think you can see that this special was definitely a show to watch.

Here is the clip of JaeJin singing "Hey Jude".

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Also check out 4minute singing their hit song "Muzik" as well as their cover of Diva's "Why are you calling me?".

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Source: allkpop