Thursday, October 8, 2009

SNSD and f(x) Release Chocolate Love

Girl groups SNSD and f(x) have revealed their project titled "Chocolate Love". "Chocolate Love" was produced by Bloodshy&Avant, who was also the producer for BoA's USA debut album. The songs lyrics reveal the new chocolate phone's attractiveness like sweet chocolate.

The project involves two different versions, with SNSD singing the "Retro Pop" version which has a charismatic and vintage style, while f(x) steers in a more trendy and electronic sound. But not only are there two versions of the song but there will also be two different music videos with a girly feel from SNSD and a powerful feel from f(x).

Also on the 15th, SNSD and f(x) will be battling it out in an offline showcase to show whose love is better, with the music video being released online on the same day.

Source: allkpop