Friday, October 2, 2009

SHINee’s Minho Transforms into the Pharaoh of Egypt

First "TVXQ" gargoyles and now SHINee's Minho as the Pharaoh of Egypt... it looks like Halloween is hitting us a few weeks early this year!

For this week's episode of Star King, photos have revealed that the boy group's "Flaming Charisma" made a transformation into the Prince of Egypt. Flanked by Choi Yoon Jung (27), 2003's Miss Korea & "Belly Dance Queen", and Ha Na Kyung (25), "World Miss Congeniality", the three pulled off a reportedly spectacular performance, showing off skills that enamored both MC Kang Hodong and the rest of the audience. The performance is about two girls that attempt to charm this sexy prince to their side. Talk about femme fatales and fatal attraction... I guess the SHINee boys really do like their girls older!

Though this performance is characterized by its Egyptian overtones, SHINee's popular dancer edged in his own modern bboy touches into the story with a backup crew to boot. As MC Hodong expressed, this performance is truly about the art of dance. Minho for one is said to have received a standing ovation, and even got some of the guests to twist their hips 180º to imitate (or attempt to imitate) the bboy team's moves. With the combination of Minho's dance crew, the appearance of two battling beauty queens, a dance crew and some "breakdancing" guests, not to mention Minho in pharaoh garb, this is an episode to look out for.

Not gonna lie, that photo is enough to make me curious. This episode will air on Saturday at 6:20PM so stay tuned.
Source: allkpop