Thursday, October 1, 2009

MC Mong is Lee Seung Gi’s Manager?


Recently MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi, who are both from real variety show "1 Night 2 Days", was cast in KBS "Happy Together".

In the show, MC Mong made everyone curious, stating that all "1 Day 2 Night" members are Lee Seung Gi's manager. It was then revealed that they are not really his "managers" but was called a "manager" because they care for every single thing Lee Seung Gi does.

Why? Well, MC Mong was worried that if Lee Seung Gi's image gets damaged, it would have an effect to the popularity of "1 Night 2 Days". So MC Mong, Kang Ho Dong, and the rest of the members is said to have always taken care of him, such as making sure that he wears clean clothes during their filming.

He also made everyone curious when he expressed that he disagrees to Lee Seung Gi dating. He commented that in order for Lee Seung Gi to date, he has to get permission from the "1 Night 2 Days" members. MC Mong said that he currently still has a long way to go, and a date is a big "no" right now.

To this, Lee Seung Gi added a comment, saying that the scoldings done by the members is worse than a mother would do, which caused a burst of laughters.

It's good to see that Lee Seung Gi has some brothers who would care for him... maybe a bit too much.

Source: allkpop