Monday, October 5, 2009

Han Hyo Joo new work

It seems like Han Hyo Joo is challenging herself to something very new indeed.

On the 29th of last month, Korean's most well-known portal sites, Nate and Cyworld, joined in partnership to set off a new generation in the history of dramas. You might ask, how can Korean dramas be any better? After all, we already got a blockbuster-scale spy drama airing in just weeks. Well, here is your answer. They are called NetDeu (넷드), combination of Internet and Drama (pronounced as deu ra ma in Korean). NetDeus are series of dramas that won't be aired on TV, but instead on the internet.

This stellar project will begin with a new drama called 'Soul Special' (쏘울 사랑해), starring Han Hyo Joo, Kim Dong Wook, and K-will. It has already gained countless attentions by the netizens after its release of the teaser, which also received more than 20,000 views within just four hours. The 60 minute long episodes are set to be aired every Tuesday and Thursday.

The first episode showed Mia, played by Han Hyo Joo, arriving in Korea from her boarding school, encountering a passed out stranger from his hangover. Like all the typical Korean dramas, although this one ain't so typical, the episode foreshadowed the upcoming love story between the two.

Now, many will probably wonder the same thing for this new drama sensation. And that's about their quality.
Yes, of course, unlike the normal dramas aired on televisions, these dramas won't have a line-up of sponsors contributing to it's weak budget. However, it sounds like you don't need to worry a thing. Under the reputation of one of the best music video directors, Kim Nam Kyung will produce the series with his special talent of creating great visuals. Bobby Kim, K-will, and Rumble Fish are just some of the glittering names that will be participating for it's soundtrack.

Hoping this new challenge will be a huge success for our Korean drama industry, I can't wait to see Han Hyo Joo's heartfelt acting again, as well as K-will's new step-off as an actor.

Here's the first episode!

(credits: urasiansourceKpop)

Source: allkpop