Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eugene Was Tempted To Go Under The Knife?

Former S.E.S member / idol turned actress Eugene has confessed that she is trying to fight off the temptation of getting plastic surgery.

The actress is currently shooting for a drama titled, "Creating Destiny," and said, "When I monitor myself from time to time I really get tempted to have surgery but I'm trying my hardest to resist it."

The 28 year old actress continued, "As I'm getting older, my skin is not the same as it used to be. I think I look less pretty in real life than on the television screen. Since it's my job to show my face on television, I cannot stop thinking about my physical appearance. At times when I look bad in pictures I say to myself, 'Should I fix my lips to be slightly bigger?'"

However, she mentioned that, "I have been strongly resisting the urge of having surgery and instead I am trying to become prettier by trying to lose weight. Even though I want to have surgery, I am afraid that the surgery might fail and ruin my face. I am currently restraining myself from eating meat and eating a lot more fruits and vegetables instead. "

Her last statement was, "I am not afraid of aging. Instead I am excited that I will soon become 30 years old. As I become older, I want to become a more mature actress and be different than everyone else."

I have to say I could not have been more proud of her as a fan. Eugene is a truly respectable actress and I hope for the best that her drama becomes a huge hit! I mean, she does not even need surgery. She is surely a natural beauty that stands out in the Korean entertainment world! And I know that South Korea has a reputation for being "plastic" but contrary to popular belief, South Korea is only ranked 27th when it comes to plastic surgery procedures per capita (19.654 per 100,000 people). Comparatively, Switzerland is tops (214.621 per 100,000 people), Hong Kong 6th (73.866 per 100,000 people), Taiwan 13th (43.889 per 100,000 people), Japan 18th (33.623 per 100,000 people), and the United States 19th (30.768 per 100,000 people). SOURCE: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

"Creating Destiny" will air on October 10, 2009.
Source: allkpop