Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Bang´s ex-member Yang Hyun Seung to debut

Do you still remember the member SO-1 from Big Bang who got cut out? Why I am asking this now after a few years ? Because he finally about to debut with a brand new group.

Yang Hyun Seung
, also known by his stage name SO-1, opened up about the hardships he experienced up to this point and being eliminated from the popular boy group Big Bang.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Yang Hyun Seung was once under YG Entertainment, training to become an official member of Big Bang. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the group on the 9th episode of Big Bang's documentary--a decision made by the management company which deeply affected both the fans and fellow members alike.

Since then, Yang Hyun Seung has transferred over to Cube Entertainment and began preparations as a member of the upcoming guy group, B2ST.

In the MTV documentary of 'B2ST', which aired its first episode on August 23rd, the former YG trainee opened up to the public about his reaction to being cut from Big Bang.

"After being eliminated [from Big Bang], I went through a really difficult time. Whenever I was alone, I would feel extremely lonely. However, I think those times gave me motivation to work that much harder. They became memories that I cherish even until today."

He continued, "If not for then, I would not be where I am now. I made many memories with Big Bang so when people say 'Now, you are rivals', I feel very hurt."

Aside from good looks and notable singing/dancing abilities, Yang Hyun Seung seems to have more in common with his fellow B2ST members than expected. Yoon Doo Joon, who was once a part of the MNet documentary, 'Hot Blood', and was set to debut in JYPE group One Day until he, too, was cut. Like Yang Hyun Seung, Lee Ki Kwang (also known by his stage name, AJ) and Son Dong Woon also trained for a long time under JYP Entertainment while Yang Yo Seob, under M-Boat.

Having merged together from various entertainment companies to form a new group entirely, the 6 members are, needless to say, gaining interest from the public rather quickly.

Check out the following jacket photo that was released by Cube Entertainment on the 6th.

From left to right: Yoon Doo Joon, Son DongWoon, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Ki Kwang (AJ), Jang HyunSeung, Young Joon Hyung.

Hopefully, the boys can pull through together this time without facing any elimination.

They are set to debut in mid-October so keep a sharp eye for this highly-anticipated boy band!
Source: allkpop