Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are they really? Shockingly Same-aged Stars!


Many celebrities around the world look fresh and young, regardless of their age. It almost seems like time doesn't affect their appearances! Perhaps photoshop´s magic, a touch of professional make-up artists, or maybe a little surgical procedure? The world may never know...

Take a look at some of pair-ups of stars that are surprisingly same-aged, yet they don't look like it at all!

High Kick Through the Roof's Daniel Choi vs. Yoon Shi Yoon

Many are probably unaware of these two fresh newbies, yet they are pretty well-known to our fellow High Kick viewers. Let's take a quick survey - Who do you think is older? Your answer would probably be Daniel Choi (left). His calm fashion and sharp glasses automatically leave us to assume that he is quite older than Yoon Shi Yoon (right). We can still see the youth rising in this "young" man with his trendy outfit and his clear complexion. After all, in the sitcom, Daniel Choi plays the 27-year-old uncle, while Yoon Shi Yoon plays the 18-year-old nephew. However, they are actually the same age, both 1986ers. Hard to believe, isn't it?

Jewelry's Seo In Young vs. 2NE1 Sandara Park

Probably not so much of an "idol" anymore, Seo In Young of Jewelry has recently celebrated her 7th year post debut with the release of a new album, Vari2ty. She had also gained a nickname of a "witch," after revealing her wickedly charming appearance on variety show MBC We Got Married. Although she has a rich history as a celebrity, she is actually pretty young at age 25. Now, let's get to Dara of idol girl group 2NE1. With 2NE1 refreshing sense of music and fashion, it is easy to assume Dara an adolescent girl. As we often see her act like a little kid on camera, Dara's actual age is almost too shocking to be true! Born in 1984, she shares the quarter-century mark with Seo In Young.

Queen Seon Duk Seo Young Hee vs. Lee Yo Won

These two actresses should be pretty familiar for the Queen Seon Duk viewers out there. The two form a relationship of stepmother (Seo Young Hee) and daughter (Lee Yo Won) in the drama. In the story, the daughter, Dukman, cherishes her fate to bequeath the throne one day, whereas Seo Young Hee supports Dukman's back as a heartwarming mother. However, they are actually friends in real life and are both 1980ers, although one seems way older than the other.

Source: allkpop