Saturday, October 3, 2009

SNSD’s Jessica Groped Again?!

What's better than one girl group? Two girl groups of course. And what's better than two girl groups? Two girl groups that are very "friendly" with each other. That particular friendliness is causing quite a stir among netizens during the recent Sweet Girl Chuseok Special.

During a blindfold guessing segment, 4minute's Gayoon was shown to be a little too friendly with SNSD's Jessica. And by friendly, I don't mean the "inviting your friend over to play a new game, but then hogging the controller the whole time and won't let him anywhere near it. So he sat there for 5 hours just watching you play, and even tried to use the puppy dog eyes on you, but you just laughed at him and said he looked stupid. Finally he just flipped out and threw your Nintendo against the wall, punched your dog in the face and kicked over your TV. Of course you then ratted him out and when his mom came over, she broke both his legs, and made him mow your lawn for 5 years straight." kind of friendly. Damn you Billy, you selfish sonnamabeech.

Anyway, it's quite surprising that Gayoon was able to guess that it was SNSD Jessica sitting on her lap. Although, seeing how thorough she was with rubbing Jessica down, she could probably even guess Jessica's date of birth and bank account number.

cr: lilac86

It seems that SNSD's Jessica is quite irresistible to girls because this is not the first time that she was felt up by another girl.
Source: allkpop