Monday, October 5, 2009

SBS Idol Big Show was the YG Big Show?

Netizens are at it again, this time complaining about SBS's Idol Big Show. A small group of netizens are complaining that YG Entertainment artists were featured too prominently in the show and that it should've been called the "YG Big Show."

Lee Seung Gi, 2AM, G-Dragon / Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD / Girls' Generation, After School, 4Minute, and Kara were all on the show and while most artists had 3 songs at most, the YG Entertainment singers received 10 songs in total. Not only that, YG Entertainment had video specials performing in the studio (G-Dragon and 2NE1), also G-Dragon interviewing with KARA. A Idol Big Show staffer said that they don't purposely give certain artists more time, it's just that YG Entertainment artists were free to film more things.

Here's an idea, the other 2 big entertainment companies out of the big 3 (SM, JYP, YG) didn't have most of their biggest artists present. SM Entertainment only had SNSD / Girls' Generation, they would've received much more time if Super Junior / SHINee / TVXQ (lawsuit issues) participated. JYP Entertainment had 2AM there but no 2PM (Jaebeom issues) or Wonder Girls (America). Only YG Entertainment had their roster of 2NE1, Big Bang / G-Dragon present, so naturally you're going to get more camera time. People will complain about anything if they look hard enough.
Source: allkpop