Thursday, October 1, 2009

Next Ladies for MNet Scandal…

After switching up the sexes with Brown Eyed Girls's sexy Ga-in & Narsha, Mnet Scandal's got two new ladies in the lineup! That's right, Mnet's being merciful to you fangirls and giving you a break for now. In the most recent episode, the teaser at the end of the episode revealed the next two idols to be Mnet's very own Hyomin and Qri of T-ara.

With all of T-ara's recent activities, Core Contents Media is doing a great job of getting their girls out there - as we have reported, members Jiyeon, Boram and Soyeon have gotten solo acting gigs; plus, Soyeon, leader Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon are topping charts with their collaborative hit "TTL (Time to Love)" with Supernova.

Anyway, check out 9:04 for the sneak peek of Hyomin & Qri on Mnet Scandal:

Seems like some T-ara fans will be burning in jealousy very soon, especially since these two guys are going for gold - like in other Mnet Scandal episodes, there will be skinship and a trail of broken fanboy hearts.
Source: allkpop