Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love Encounters for Minho and Taemin on Star King

Warning: SHINee fangirls, please refrain from reading any further!

Earlier, we had an article about SHINee's Minho dressed up as an Egyptian Pharoah. But now, we have an update regarding Taemin's first kiss, which was stolen during the same filming of Star King!

So, who stole Taemin's first kiss?

Well, her name is Ever, but don't start jumping out of your seats just yet! Cause Ever is just a female robot. Ever is the world's first female robot singer, and she also happens to be Taemin's first kiss. But, believe it or not, Taemin isn't the first boy celebrity that she has kissed, because this robot has also kissed TVXQ's ChangMin!

Sigh, this robot's got more game than me.

This episode of Star King was sure full of romantic encounters for our SHINee boys! Minho gets seduced by some explicitly dancing females, then Taemin loses his first kiss to a female robot. I think it's about time I fly out to Korea and try out for Star King. Maybe I can try out as the girl who has got no talent, but is in love with Korean boys, yay!

credit: dirah9302

SOurce: allkpop