Thursday, October 8, 2009

BoA to make a Hollywood debut?


Looks like BoA might be getting cast in a Hollywood movie!

It has been revealed that BoA received a love call from Universal Studios for a female main character's role in a movie called, "Hype Nation." Son Dambi, who was initially in the main cast recently decided to leave the project. The two sides have already discussed the situation, and I guess after all those delays, things didn't work out great with Son Dambi.

"Hype Nation" is said to be a movie about dance and music with popular American hip hop group B2K and actress Whoopi Goldberg are also included in the cast. The staff was supposed to start filming in Korea earlier this year, but the schedule was delayed due to the US writer's strike.

Universal Studios is said to have decided to cast BoA after seeing her activities in America.

A source from BoA's Korean agency, SM Entertainment, stated, "It is true that we have received an offer, but nothing has been finalized."

It's sad to see Son Dambi not being able be in the movie, but hey, if the replacement is BoA, it's not bad... right?

Source: allkpop