Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wanna Play Rock, Paper, Scissors With SNSD?

Well, now you can!

4 members of the popular 9 girl group SNSD have a video where you can imagine yourself playing Rock, Paper, Scissors virtually with Sooyoung, Sunny, TaeYeon, and Yoona. Sadly, the other members either haven't released or don't plan on doing one for their fans. But for now, you can indulge on the 4 girls' overdose of cuteness.

Not 100% sure what these videos are for, whether it's something that has to do with an endorsement or it's just some good old SNSD fan service. No matter what it is, I enjoyed seeing these beautiful girls let out their cute side.

It feels like they're talking to you! Enjoy the videos!

Note: The videos are just cuts from the fully interactive videos available only to the Korean public as of now. I know, it's heartbreaking.





Thanks to protonic9 for videos.