Thursday, September 3, 2009

TRAX + Air To Debut on Inkigayo

Do you guys remember SM's rock group, TRAX?

The 3-member group (previously 4) including Jay Kim, Kang Jung Woo and Kim Jung Mo have come together with the new rock band Air as a project rock band to formTRAX + Air!


Before you guys groan about a potentially bad band, give "Fate" by TRAX-Air a listen:

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It seems that netizens on Korean websites are also excited about the band's debut on Inkigayo because the band is getting a lot of positive feedback, and some have even called "Fate" "a harmonious blend of Jay's flowing vocals and Dong-wook's vocals to create a powerful song."

TRAX + Air also sang the ending song titled "Fate" for the SBS drama, "Swallow the Sun", which TRAX member Kim Jung Woo happens to star in!

The band has also contributed to the OST of "Swallow the Sun" with the tracks "Fate", "Voice" and "In That Place". The MV for "Voice" will be coming soon, so make sure you guys keep an eye out for that! They will be debuting on Inkigayo on the 6th.

Honestly, I loved "Destiny" and there aren't a lot of Korean rock bands, so I'm really looking forward to TRAX + Air's debut. What about you guys?
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