Thursday, September 3, 2009

DBSK Fans Want Their Money Back from SM Entertainment

Just when you thought SM Entertainment couldn’t get any more enemies, here comes an attack from the fans.

Yes, the fans of DSBK are threatening to sue SM Entertainment if they do not get some of their money back. They had originally brought tickets to the now postponed SM Town Live 2009. 1,222 fans gathered on September 3rd, demanding an apology and at least 10% of the ticket price refunded to them.

SM Entertainment had originally stated that DBSK would attend the concert despite their pending lawsuit with them and the whole show would go on as planned. But at the very last minute, they postponed the show, without a valid reason, leaving many fans hurt, distraught, broke and feeling betrayed by DBSK's parent company.

According to the fans, since SM Entertainment didn't give a good enough valid reason for the postponement, and thus they have got some explaining to do.
Cr. allkpop