Thursday, September 3, 2009

PD didn’t know who Yunho was? And Yunho’s hardship


During yesterday's press conference for the upcoming drama "Heading to the Ground", the PD, Park SungSoo, revealed that he didn't know the Yunho casted for the main role was the Yunho from the popular idol group TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki.

The reason for this is because Yunho signed up for the role under his real name of Jung YunHo. The PD also mentioned that when he realized it was the actual Yunho from TVXQ, he was surprised at how humble and nice he was. Yunho didn't act pretentious or like a big shot from the biggest boy band in Asia. Yunho broke the stereotype that the PD had for a typical idol star.

The PD said when he first met Yunho, Yunho told him about his harsh experiences as an early teen. When Yunho went from small town Gwang-Ju (southern portion of South Korea) to Seoul, Yunho grew up on the streets, not having a home and having to do menial jobs to get by. Because of this, the PD thought that he really knows what hardship is like and he can use those experiences for his role and make this drama come to life.

It's good to see that someone like Yunho, who had nothing and grew up on the streets could one day become a big star in Asia.

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