Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Top 10 Hottest KPOP Albums in 2009

super junior

This is for all the diehard KPOP fans out there. Wonder what the top 10 selling albums for 2009 (as of today) are?

Well, look no further, I have the list right here:

1. Super Junior 'Sorry. Sorry' 3rd album
2. G-Dragon 'Heartbreaker'
3. SNSD / Girls' Generation 'Gee' mini album
4. SNSD / Girls' Generation 'Tell me your wish' mini album
5. 2NE1 mini album
6. Drunken Tiger ‘Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
7. Seotaiji 8th atomos part Secret
8. Seotaiji ‘at0mos’
9. 2PM 'Time for a Change'
10. SG Wannabe ‘Gift From SG Wanna be’ 6th album

If you feel "Sorry Sorry" about this list, then "Gee" support your favorite artist next time. And G-Dragon's album might just be a "Heartbreaker"... for ELF that is, because it was just released recently and it has a good chance of surpassing Super Junior soon.

Thanks to myystiqueen for the tip and bestiz for the information.