Friday, September 4, 2009

SNSD receives some 2PM love


Hottests, it has not been a good week for you. After Nichkhun revealed his ideal girl type and Taecyeon was revealed as a Yoobin stalker, more heartbreak is being served up by 2PM.

The "beastly" members of famous male idol group, 2PM, each revealed who their ideal girl is on a variety program. Amazingly, SNSD / Girl's Generation seems to be the goal for the 2PM boys, and who can blame them?

Nichkhun already revealed that YoonA was his ideal girl type, but fellow 2PM member Chansung also revealed that YoonA would be perfect for him. What a Korean drama-esque love triangle there!

The leader of the "beasts" Jaebeom, revealed that a "sexy, yet cute girl, like Jessica would be the ideal girl." The leader also serenaded Jessica with a very charismatic dance in order to capture her heart.

Just an idea, but other than her sexy and cute image, I'm sure the fact that Jessica is a fellow West Coast girl plays a part in Jaebeom's decision.

But that's not all! Back in early August, it looks like member Junho made a move on Sooyoung as well!

But don't think that the boys are the only ones chasing. When Nichkhun was asked about his immense popularity with women, he modestly replied, 'Honestly, there is nothing that special about me. I don't know what charisma is about and I don't think I have it."

Of course his brothers had to make up for his lack of swag. Clown Wooyoung and leader Jaebeom responded with, "Nichkhun is so good looking that he takes that title in our group. What makes him so charming is that he's not only handsome, but so well mannered as well."

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