Thursday, September 3, 2009

f(x) LACHATA Music Video Released!

We're getting hit with a double whammy of MV's today!

f(x) is officially in the k-pop business!

New SM Entertainment girl group f(x) (effects), who had their showcase yesterday, has finally released their full MV for LaChata! Let's just say the teaser did not do it justice.

Anyway, check out the FULL MV below and discuss!

What does Lachata really mean? According to SM Entertainment, the word is a coined term of exclamation and onomatopoeia, that was inserted to heighten and dramatize the excitement of the fun song. With its easy pronounciation, the word is expected to make sensation along with the music. Agree with them?

If you all are wondering why the showcase was yesterday, yet the MV was released today, there was a delay between the event and the official release of the music video.

Regardless of whether you are impressed or disappointed by the music video, be sure to catch the girls this Saturday, 5th September for their debut stage on Music Core.
Cr. allkpop