Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lee Hongki Talks About His Kind of Girl

F. T Island
Here's a delicious piece of gossip for all you F.T Island fangirls out there.

F.T Island's Hongdangmu (that's "carrot"/"carrot-top" in Korean for you) Hongki revealed his preference in girls on MBC's World-Changing Quiz... And according to himself, he likes girls who are youthful and have aegyo. He also went on to say that age difference doesn't matter, and that he'd be okay with women who are around 27-28 years of age, though he's 20 years old (in Korean age) this year.

So for all you Hongki fans who were previously in turmoil over the fact that this FTI cutie was nearly a decade younger than you.... You still have a chance, confirmed by the man himself! Yay!

Or maybe he said this while thinking about how old Lee Hyori is? Hmmm....
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