Thursday, September 3, 2009

FT Island Mellows Out on Music Travel Lalala

F. T Island

For those that ever doubted FT Island's sheer skill with instruments, it's time for you to stop, take a listen, and be amazed. The boys recently filmed an episode of MBC's "Music Travel Lalala" and had the performance air today, where the boys showed their true musical prowess by taking former and current hits and managing to improve them even further.

The show is pretty well known for taking current hits of kpop and having artists perform a softer, more mellow rendition of a given hit, whether it be their own song or another artist's. Artists also have the chance to cover songs they most enjoy on the show as well. For this episode, FT Island perfomed a jazzy version of Yoo Jae Ha's hit "Because I Love You". Afterwards, a brief interview was taken, then it was back to the music with a soft rock version of their current hit single "I Hope." If you don't happen to enjoy mellow, but happen to love FT Island, you won't regret watching this! Enjoy the ear-candy.

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