Thursday, September 3, 2009

2NE1’s Sandara Park Releasing a Solo Digital Single!

YG Entertainment has revealed that Sandara Park will be coming out with her own solo digital single named "Kiss!"

With 2NE1 scoring success with their song "I Don't Care," they have been working hard on the rest of the songs they will be performing in the upcoming months. Dara's solo song named "Kiss," was originally planned to be included in the new 2NE1 album due in October. "Kiss" is written by no other than Teddy himself, who composed most of the 2NE1's songs.

There were recent talks about Park Bom or CL releasing their own solos in the near future, but YG Entertainment caught us off guard by announcing a solo song for Dara before the other members.

The song is said to be very catchy and danceable, just like "Lollipop," and it is to have CL featured as a rapper. It's pretty much about a girl wanting the guy to be more aggressive, and wanting him to kiss her.

YG Entertainment stated, "All the members of 2NE1 have their own strong style. Starting with "Kiss," we will slowly unveil the other members' talents and styles."

2NE1 is scheduling to perform "Pretty Boy" on Ingikayo this week. They are performing each song on the album week by week, as a gesture of appreciation to the fans. How awesome is that?

I can't wait for Dara's single. Teddy has really dropped some sick beats within the last year, and I'm thinking he will continue the trend. Dara's fanbase has been growing lately and this will only add to it. Can you say Super Rookie? For more news on 2NE1 check out our friends over @ the YG Ladies Forums!
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