Monday, September 21, 2009

Lee Chun Hee Regrets Leaving Family Outing

Lee Chun Hee has recently expressed his regrets for leaving SBS Family Outing.

He will be appearing as a guest on the 21st September episode of Ya Shim Man Man Season 2, and questions about Family Outing were asked of him.

His reply was that he was honestly disappointed deep inside inside his heart. Whenever the family members mention him on the show now, he says he loves it, and also mentioned that he monitors the new members and their interaction with the other members. Chun Hee was however a little disappointed to see that the new family members were getting along well with the other family members without him.

On the show, he also mentioned that CF offers and income have dropped after leaving the variety program, and there were difficulties with drama auditions because of his Chunderella image in the show. He gave a very truthful talk, yet he made the studio crack up quite a few times like we know he can.

I feel bad that he regrets it. It was very questionable to me when he left as well, because unlike Park Ye Jin, Lee Chun Hee seemed to be getting off for no apparent reason. At least he is now starring in a weekend drama, Smile, let's hope it's a success!
Source. allkpop