Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kim Heechul and Park Soo Jin dancing at the club

Not just Kim Heechul and Park Soo Jin, Jung Gyu Woon was also dancing away in the club.

The trio were just filming for their drama, Loving You a Thousand Times which begun broadcast on 29th August. In a nutshell, Heechul and Gyu Woon's characters go to a club for drinks where they meet Soo Jin's character, who is openly wooing Gyu Woon's character. But Heechul's character likes Soo Jin's character and so a dance battle to attract each other begins.

This dancing scene was a piece of cake for former Sugar member, Park Soo Jin and Super Junior member Kim Heechul. Their hot dancing really whipped up the atmosphere and won a big round of applause from the filming crew. Jung Gyu Woon meanwhile offered a different style of dancing of his own, thanks to his long leggy frame.

This dancing scene will be shown during episode 4 on 6th September.
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