Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kim Heechul voted best Gag Idol by Korean netizens

super junior
Super Junior's Kim Heechul has been voted by netizens as the best Gag Idol. This achievement came after a dcinside poll of 2,903 users from 25th August to 1st September, on which idol star had the best performing/variety genes.

With his 'pretty boy' looks, frank comments and 4-D thinking, Heechul won the poll with ease with 1,018 votes (35.1%). His talent was also widely acknowledged by netizens because of his outrageous cross-dressing, kissing another guy during a concert and his hilarious pictures on his Cyworld minihompy. Not really much of a surprise here.

super junior

In 2nd place was 2PM's Nichkhun who got 401 votes (13.8%). Despite his limited Korean language ability on variety shows, Nichkhun has been receiving lots of love from viewers thanks to his strong adaptability and cute appearance.

In 3rd place was 2AM's Jo Kwon (I thought he would give Heechul a run for his money!). Despite his usual sentimental way of singing ballad songs on stage, Jo Kwon's hilarious antics on variety shows has gained more attention from everyone, hinting that perhaps he is more suited for variety than singing. This is especially so after his outrageous performance in the Abracadabra parody, Dirty Eyed Girls music video.

Others who were on the list include Big Bang's Daesung, SHINee's Key, Super Junior's Lee Teuk and 2PM's Wooyoung.
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