Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seo In Young to make a Stylish appearance


Jewelry's Seo In Young will be making a cameo appearance on the SBS drama Style.

Cameo's are not new to Style, as they've already utilized appearances from 2NE1, 2PM and FT Island to boost ratings, and this ones no different. Except, it's not as big a deal as the previous cameos, or is it?

A Style rep stated:

"Seo In young's eccentric personality and stylish fashion fits the image of this role perfectly, therefore we requested her. Even Seo In Young has stated that she loves the role, so she willingly obliged."
The 11th episode of Style will air on September 5th, and Seo In Young who is known as a fashionable trendsetter, which is actually quite questionable, will be making a cameo as not a singer, but a designer.
Cr. allkpop


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