Friday, September 18, 2009

KARA and f(x) are close friends


Well, most celebrities are on a pretty friendly basis with one another, but it seems KARA and f(x) are very close!

Because of their similar ages and schedules, the two girl groups had no other choice than to become very close. Well, I guess they could've potentially hated each other, but whatever, it's great that they are showing some love.

On the 18th September episode of Music Bank, KARA was actually celebrating Amber's birthday with the rest of f(x) in the waiting rooms. And Nicole is especially close to Amber, as they are both from similar neighborhoods in California.

As for the other members, Goo Hara and Luna are becoming close friends. Goo Hara stated:

"We become close while sharing the same waiting rooms. And of course because we are similar in age, we have similar interests and can communicate well. I've made a good friend."

Luna stated:
"KARA unnies are so nice to me. They take care of me as if they were my real sisters and also provide me with a lot of advice."

Finally, Kang Jiyoung who has always been one of the youngest in the industry, seems to be full of energy and smiles after making friends. It's been reported that Kang Jiyoung has been joking around and talking with Sulli and Krystal so much, that she's literally out of control! In a good way of course.

Jiyoung said:
"Strangely, we shared the same waiting room with f(x) a lot. And we strangely became close to each other ver quickly. Since I was the youngest, I didn't really have friends and was always bored, but now I'm so excited!"