Friday, September 18, 2009

KBS2FM Boycotts YG Family

It was reported recently that KBS2FM will be enforcing an indefinite boycott of YG Entertainment artists. The boycott which started on the 15th will mean that YG Family artists will not be appearing on their radio shows and songs from YG will not be played as well.

The main reason apparently stemmed from a misunderstanding between the KBS2FM Sukira team and YG Entertainment about G-Dragon's appearance on Sukira radio, which was never going to happen according to the latter.

A staff from Sukira said, "On 7th September, YG informed us that G-Dragon would be coming on our show on the 15th. But they changed their mind on the 11th and told us that they had no intentions of having G-Dragon appear on our show. When we refused, YG said that they will consider and needed to discuss among themselves."

"But we didn't get any reply from them since and a day before the actual day, on the 14th, YG told us again that G-Dragon would not be appearing on the show. The only official confirmation of G-Dragon not appearing on our show came on the 15th."

YG Entertainment however claimed that it was unfair for them to be boycotted, "We never even thought of letting G-Dragon appear on the show, we only said that we would consider after checking his schedule. We only came to know that G-Dragon would be on Sukira after they posted a preview of that on their official website."

After internal discussions, KBS2FM decided to boycott everything from the YG Family on their radio shows from the 15th of September onward. But the boycott does not apply to anything outside of radio. So who do you think is at fault?
Source: allkpop