Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Bang Steams Up Elle Korea

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After pulling a Chuck Bass and decimating the majority of the female population on allkpop in the process, T.O.P is returning to Elle Korea yet again, and this time he brought along the rest of the Big Bang posse!

Drenched in sepia and sexiness, this photo spread is enough to cause chronic hemorrhages on the spot. If you thought the leather bad boy look was hot on T.O.P, try translating that to the other members of Big Bang as well.

Take a breather before scrolling down. Ready?

big bang
big bang
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Clips of this shoot were also featured on Big Bang TV way back when, check out the boys in action starting at 1:01. Check out 2:36 for some... Big Bang kinkiness? (Thanks chaoticpse8!)

Fangirlism aside, I'm glad we get to see Big Bang as a whole group again - with all of their individual activities, such fivesome sightings are rarer. Which shot is your favorite?

Source: allkpop