Sunday, September 20, 2009

New trio, HinT’s HOT debut!

Hot off the presses is a new trio mix group called HinT! The group is unique in many aspects and is sure to bring in a lot of attention. The members are Ju In, Shin Gyu, and Yeun Gyung.

Yeun Gyung is the lead vocals of the group with Ju In and Shin Gyu both being rappers, and it's rare to find such a combination of 2 rappers and one vocal in a Kpop group, let alone there being two guys and only one girl. This is their first debut for both boys but Yeun Gyung once debuted back in 2004 under the stage name Daylight.

After seeing all these new girl and guy groups of the stereotypical WonderGirls/Big Bang style, it's refreshing to see a new group with variety and a different feel of music. The music strays from the dance/party/techno genre, which seems to be a rather quickly picked up style in the Kpop scene for the past couple years from the likes of Big Bang, 2NE1, 4minute, f(x) and more. The song feels very fun and relaxing and mellow all at once, and you can really feel and connect with their singing passion.

Check out their first music video and performances of their debut song, Passion's Generation.

Source: allkpop