Monday, September 21, 2009

Sung Yuri is a Goddess

Singer-turned-actress, Sung Yuri revealed on MBC Section TV Entertainment that she wants to be called "goddess" instead of "princess."

Specifically, on September 18th's airing, she stated, "Call me goddess now. Because of my age, it's weird to call me princess now." Sung Yuri was born in 1981 and is currently 28 years old.

Although she is almost reaching the age of 30, her skin looked younger and firmer than ever!

During the interview, Sung Yuri honestly replied back to the rumors of her having done botox. She stated, "Because my cheeks got chubbier, I got accusations of having done botox, but it was actually a result of all the greasy foods I ate during my trip to America for filming. I lost a lot of that weight now. I went on a hardcore diet."

She also admitted to her love of food, "My appetite is normally very good. I make sure to eat before filming, because if I don't eat my stomach starts to grumble."

Sung Yuri is currently filming SBS drama "Swallowing The Sun". She plays the role of an ambitious girl who works hard to earn enough money to follow her dream.
Source: allkpop