Monday, September 21, 2009

2PM Underground Continues Boycott of 2PM


Despite the release of an official statement from JYP Entertainment saying that 2PM will continue with 6 members, Hottests aren't letting this just go away with Jaebom's future still up in the air.

On the afternoon of 20th September, 2PM's fan club, Underground announced that the full boycott of 2PM's activities will continue until the decision to withdraw Jaebeom from 2PM is ended. Their statement wrote that JYPE should release Jaebeom's contract terms and hopes that JYP can depict clearly exactly how he is going to help Jaebeom return to 2PM.

The fan club also wanted JYPE to apologize, especially for not doing enough for Jaebeom (shielding him), and also hope that the other 2PM members can tell fans personally about their feelings about this matter and not through JYP.

Finally, they stamped home the point that, they are not asking for Jaebeom's immediate return, but to withdraw their (JYPE) decision to take him out of 2PM. They are sorry for misunderstanding the way JYP has handled the situation and the problems that have surfaced for the other 2PM members.

But until their demands are met, the boycott of 2PM will continue.

Source. allkpop