Thursday, September 10, 2009

A YG Family Outing


A few of YG Family's flyest gentlemen recently took a trip to the lake--and yes, that means they were half naked. Calm yourselves.

G-Dragon released a photo via his me2day of himself, Taeyang, Se7en, and Kush taking a break and having a little end of summer fun. They called it a YG Family Outing, and I'm rather upset that I wasn't there. Take a look at the'll see why.


여름이가지전의마지막시간!여러분도 일상에서의탈출에몸을맡겨봐요∼^^조오터라구요V
Last chance before summer ends! You all should surrender your bodies and escape from everyday life! It feels go~od

Goodness, the eye candy. Taeyang, why must you make my heart stop like so? And Se7en is looking mighty fine as well. We haven't heard much about him since his attempt at a US career, so it's great to see that he's doing well. Ladies, I know you can't stop staring, but take a moment to give your thoughts on this adorable 'family outing' and to visit our friends over at BBVIP.
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