Saturday, September 19, 2009

SNSD Talks About Their Legs and Won Bin

Girl idol group, SNSD / Girls' Generation was a guest on MBC's "SectionTV Entertainment Communications' segment of "Tell Me Your Wish" on September 18th and revealed some very interesting things.

SNSD's Yuri said that a bad thing about wearing hot pants is that she gets mosquito and bug bites a lot. Taeyeon also agreed by adding that "when you sit, its very uncomfortable," and also added that "but if her legs come out to look nice on television, she doesn't complain." SNSD is known to start hot topics amongst people because of their emphasis on wearing hot pants and doing the sexy "genie kick."

On that same day it was reported that SNSD had shot a commercial film for a Shin Han credit card. SNSD member Yoona made everyone laugh by jokingly remarking that it was not surprising that the male fans were exclusively favoring Yoona and cheering her on. SNSD member Tiffany also talked about how she was selected for having thighs of a "goddess." She said that, "when people talk about legs, and SNSD is mentioned, it is an honor and I will exercise my legs even harder."

Another revelation was that SNSD has shyly voted that the man they all would like to most shoot a commercial (CF) with is actor Won Bin. Yuri mentioned that she loved the movie titled, "Mother," and said in a video message that, "If you have a preview screening / premiere in the future, please invite us." The rest of the SNSD members showed their interest towards Won Bin by shouting "we love you," and "we want you." Won Bin is one lucky man.

Source: allkpop