Monday, September 14, 2009

Preview of SHINee Night

Remember the release of SHINee's first photobook, SHINee Day earlier in July? Well, Part 2 of that photoshoot in New Zealand will be released soon in their second photobook which is simply titled SHINee Night.

While SHINee Day focused on their innocent boyish charm with flowing streams and farms as the backdrop, SHINee Night will showcase the SHINee boys as city youths.

The photoshoot was done in the streets of Auckland, New Zealand earlier in the year, incorporating night time and city shots. The photobook will also come with an exclusive DVD containing an interview and making of footage.

Fans will have to wait until 23rd September in Korea while overseas fans may pre-order now from which puts their expected release date at 25th September.

credit: eijisatoshi


Talk about milking money by releasing 2 photobooks from a single photoshoot.
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Anonymous said...

OMG i cant believe i missed them. i live in auckland, i could have actually met them! im kicking myself rite now, lol