Monday, September 14, 2009

Mighty Mouth’s Favorite Featured Partner is…?

Earlier we asked in a poll which female artist that was featured in Mighty Mouth's "Love Class" you liked best. Well it seems the rapping duo has selected a favorite of their own and, agreeing with the majority of voters on allkpop, chose Nicole - the native English-speaking member of Kara.

Since August 26th, Nicole has appeared in three performances of Mighty Mouth's new title song.

Regarding Nicole's contribution to the group, Mighty Mouth answered, "Because of her, we are able to gain strength whenever we perform on stage; we like it. Of course our other featuring partners worked hard too, but Nicole performed with the most passion." They added, "Watching her suggest ideas to improve our performance and participate with so much enthusiasm is cute and something we're thankful for."

Nicole shared her own appraisals of the two boys, commenting that "Love Class is such a great song and that the performances they have are great, everything matches perfectly." As to why she agreed to be featured in their song, she replied, "Mighty Mouth has supported us a lot and a for a long time so I wanted to do something for them in return."

It was recently made known that Mighty Mouth and Kara's relationship caught the public's attention. Apparently the two teams have maintained a close, sibling-like relationship with each other since their debut, earning them the nickname "Mascara (Mouth-Kara) Line."

They have been receiving a positive response with the new songs from their own album. "Love Class" is doing quite well on the charts midst the influx of girl groups while Kara is demonstrating an escalating popularity with their double hits "Wanna" and "Mister".

With the rising success of both groups, maybe we can expect another collaboration between them in the future. Perhaps, a song called "Makeup Class" featuring "Mascara Line"? Sounds like a chart-topping hit to me!
Cr. allkpop