Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Park Hyo Shin’s “Gift” Released!

Park Hyoshin's long-expected album, "Gift: Part 1," has finally been released!

After a long hiatus, he's finally released another album (albeit a bit short, but hey, beggars can't be choosers~). I bet a lot of you Park Hyo Shin fans were looking forward to this. And I don't know about you guys, but this album is certainly a "Gift" for me, with Park Hyo Shin's enchantingly husky voice and all.

Here's the tracklist for this fantastic album:
01. Gift
02. 사랑한 후에 (Saranghan Hooyae - After I Love)
03. 널바라기 (Nuhl Barahgee - Want You)
04. 이상하다 (Eesang hada - It's Strange)
05. 이름 모를 새 (Eereum moreul sae - Nameless Bird)
06. Deja-vu
07. 사랑한 후에 - Instrumental (Saranghan Hooyae - After I Love [Instrumental])
08. Deja-vu - Piano Mix Ver.

And here are the first two songs in the album:

Yes... That's it, just press the "play" button and let the heavenly music flow into your awaiting eardrums. I personally think that this comeback album was great, and that it'll probably do great on the Korean music charts; but what do you guys think?
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A/N: I totally loves Park Hyoshin songs so when I have some free-time will I will upload download links to this album.