Monday, September 14, 2009

Kim Junghoon Remains Popular Despite His Inactivity

It seems that singer/actor Kim Junghoon/Jeong Hoo (or John Hoon, as he is called in Japan) is still enjoying an immense amount of popularity in Japan, despite his being away at the army. That's not hard to believe, since he sold more than 20,000 copies of his recently released solo album, which he didn't do any promotional work for.

And there's also a lot of excitement for a a DVD called "John-Hoon TV" which will be released on September 16th in Japan. In the DVD, King Jung hoon will portray many various characters such as the protagonist of a drama, a news anchor, a TV shopping host, an MC for a video game program, and an MC for a music-cooking program. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately for you non-Japanese-speaking fans, I believe this DVD is only being released in Japanese.

The DVD is expected to sweep the DVD charts, just as his solo album swept the Oricon Charts when it was first released in Japan. And frankly, with his staggering popularity in Japan, I'm expecting the same.
Cr. allkpop