Monday, September 14, 2009

2,000 Mobilize at JYPE Building in a Silent Protest


On September 13th, Korean Hottests surrounded the JYP Entertainment building at Seoul GangNamGoo CheongDamDong under the occasion of a silent protest against 2PM Jaebeom's recent withdrawal from the 7-member group. 2,000 members from 64 of 2PM's websites rallied together for a total of 2 hours, waiting outside from 2PM (very clever) to 4PM with over 100 police officers present on stand-by.

Due to the large turn-out of fans causing a blockage in traffic, the initial time, which was set for four hours from 2PM until 6PM, was cut short. One of the fans’ representatives said, “We will have the fans go home and clean up the streets by 6PM.”

In particular, what caught people's attention the most was a poster that read "4 Years, 4 Days", which translates into:

Four years, the time it took to change him from Jay Park to Park JAEBEOM
Four days, the time it took to destroy his dream.
It was a simple, yet powerful message that the fans based their silent protest on.

They also made a clear statement that they would not "support a 2PM that has less than 7 members" and were spotted bearing fansigns that demanded the return of the fallen member.

"Jaebeom, come back"
"Jaebeom, are you watching?"
"PM 01:59", "7=1"
"We miss Jaebeom"
"I am looking for 2PM's leader Jaebeom"
"Give us our Jaebeom back"

One representative claimed:

Through this whole process, the company did not do anything to the team which they have trained. All the responsibilities were carried by Jaebeom. While the fans are hoping for official explanation and active solutions to the situation, JYP has looked away and fans are now angry at JYP. We are angry at what JYP showed us in this past week, and we are officially demanding JYP to return Jaebeom to 2PM.

This was the first collective action that was taken since Hottests from all over the world made their declaration of boycotting 2PM and all music released under JYP's name. There was a total of approximately 1,000 CDs that were piled outside the JYPE building that day.


The K-Hottests' protest demonstrated that silence is, in fact, golden, as they delivered a strong message to JYP Entertainment without any violence, words, or riots.

Televised report by SSTV.

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