Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jewelry After The ET Dance


Remember how big the commotions were in Korea for Jewelry's "ET" dance to their hit song "One More Time"? Well these ladies are back and even more Sophisticated!

Jewelry, who has made a comeback with their song "Variety" on August 27th, is once again capturing many men's hearts with the new sassy, swaying dance moves. This new dance is said to resemble the image of fall winds, which is perfect for the new season.

The song "Variety" is about women who portray a different appeal to men everyday, but the dance itself is doing a whole lot of appealing to all the male fans out there.

A representative of Jewelry's company stated, "Like the ET dance, the swaying dance is made easy for everyone to follow. Just leave the repetitive rhythm in charge of your body and let loose, all the while softly shaking your wrists and body along with the music. It's most important to let the music flow through your body."

Cr. allkpop