Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Japanese Netizens afraid of Korean Netizens?

With the recent MySpace incident of 2PM's fallen star Jaebeom, which lead to his departure from Korea, Japanese netizens are expressing their shock saying, "Koreans are scary."

The online Japanese community "Ni Chan" (, has made comments such as, "Is it because of the netizens again?", "It's a scary country", and "Didn't someone commit suicide before (because of netizens)?"

However, this really isn't something new to Japan - Past idol group members, such as those from Hello! Project and Johnny & Associates, have been kicked out merely because of underage smoking and drinking. But surprisingly, the Japanese netizens are looking at Jaebeom's incident a bit differently, not because of the different levels of mistakes, but because of how this issue went to the extremes.

With all this craze going about, whether or not 2PM's upcoming album will be released as planned is unclear, as well as the future of 2PM.
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