Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun seek Shelter


The single "Shelter" from TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki Jaejoong and Micky's upcoming release of Colors has been released on the internet. This song was composed and arranged by Jaejoong with a little help from Xiah and the lyrics were written by H.U.B. and Micky. As for the song itself, it sounds great - Jaejoong does his usually harmonizing and Micky shows off his rapping skills. After listening to this song, I prefer this song over "Colors."

cr: sharingyoochun

Here's an interview excerpt of the boys in SONG Magazine talking about Shelter, thanks to sharingyoochun for translating:

Another new single, SHELTER will also be introduced.

YC: The music was written by Jaejoong! It’s a challenge for him since the music is kind of different than the music he usually mostly composes.

JJ: From the introduction up to part A and B, the melody is pretty dark and heavy. But starting from the chorus, the beat starts to be faster and brighter. I did enjoy this change of pace.

- What kind of message are the lyrics filled with?

JJ: My world won’t exist if there is no you. You may not know about me, but I still keep thinking of you. It sounds a bit like a stalker... (laughs). It’s like this… a person doesn’t even know a thing about another person, but this other person somehow feels strength and encouragement just for the fact that the person does exist. So this song tries to express an appreciation for the existence of someone to other people.

YC: The meaning that connects, this song with COLORS are both expressing ‘a thankful mind.’ But COLORS is a song with more simple kind of music, Shelter’s music is more complicated. So it’s a good balance.

Source: allkpop