Sunday, September 20, 2009

G-Dragon Trumps Inkigayo For the Last Time

G-Dragon's storming the music shows and taking no prisoners! The heartbreaker king has been reigning the kpop scene for a month now, and it seems like no one really minds - after a killer Heartbreaker performance, it was clear GD had yet another victory in his hands. Three Mutizens and three great performances, should we expect any less?

Instead of spiffing up his look with a white suit like in past performances, GD opted for a casual black top and leopard-print off-shoulder jacket... thing. I'm loving the black and gold color scheme of this performance!




Sorry G-Dragon, no more breaking hearts on Inki for you - since Inkigayo caps songs to three victories, this week's win marks GD's last Heartbreaker victory on Inkigayo. Who will be next to take up his spot - Kim Tae Woo? Jewelry? 4minute? f(x)? With the show filled with such popular artists, I'm sure Inki will have no problem finding a worthy successor.

If anyone's agonizing over the end of this streak, fear not - G-Dragon's "Breathe" MV is set to be released tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!
Source: allkpop