Monday, September 7, 2009

G-Dragon Raises the Volume with Maybee

big bang

Besides his debut stage on various music shows, we haven't really seen much of G-Dragon as a solo artist. However, G-Dragon's appearance on Maybee's Raise the Volume today marks his first promotional event as a solo artist. On today's radio show besides just singing the usual Heartbreaker, he also sang A Boy live for the first time.

Although I know BBVIPs are ecstatic about his radio segment, I'm sure they're also wondering about what seems to be like a custom made shirt that says "Heartbreaker" with his signature apple design. It may be future merchandise but I personally think G-Dragon's trying to give all you VIPs a message, the boy's a heartbreaker, but I'm sure none of you will take heed of his warning. After all, it's G-Dragon.


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A Boy

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Fancam of the radioshow

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