Monday, September 7, 2009

2NE1 Is Flying High In Heels


2NE1's fans are used to seeing the foursome on stage in the brightest Nikes or the hottest new kicks in town. This time, when they performed Pretty Boy at Inkigayo, they were seen on stage with shoes that are a little bit different from their usual kicks.

Fans watched as the four girls danced and sung in some pretty high heels. High heels are called high heels but these were HIGH heels. I watch SNSD and other girl groups perform in heels all the time but these have packed on inches more than any other heels I have seen on any other K-Pop artists!


I always thought 2NE1 refrained from wearing heels and wore them once in awhile because their dance moves are pretty intense, but I guess it doesn't really matter because they pulled off "Pretty Boy" even with the clown heels. They all looked charismatic in their new attire and I hope to see the rest of the songs from their 1st Mini Album being performed soon.

Check out the full performance here:

Let's hope there will be no falling incidents. Actually, that would be very entertaining, and a great story to cover.

Cr. allkpop